Are you sustainable in your soul?
Are you sustainable in your goal?
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brand partnership

We are very excited about the innovative companies out there that are creating amazing products to help replace unhealthy ones on our planet.

No matter the budget you have, we want to collaborate with you and create some awesome promotional material for your brand. We offer a special partnership agreement in which together we decide upon a compensation in the form of a gift of your product, as well as a percentage of the sales received from the promo.

If you have a project that has an amazing cause, but is a non-profit or the like, then we can come up with another agreement, for example, to promote us through the work instead of a direct payment.

Small Business

We believe that small businesses are a force for good and will bring us to a brighter future. So we want to empower individuals to do what they are passionate about.

That’s why we offer investment agreements, coaching, budgeting and marketing strategies, and more, to help you start living your dream.

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