Why this lifestyle ?

Our society today is more than ever becoming aware of the importance of health in our lives. All kinds of trends exist, promoting a healthier and more sustainable lifestyle.

We are what we eat, right? So aren’t we also what we see?

We become who we hang out with, we humans are adaptable by nature. So why not become more conscious about what we expose ourselves to in the media?

This is our approach

We believe that true outward change in the world, can only happen starting from inside of us. So if we work to make our mental and physical health thrive, then automatically our planet will benefit.

We want to promote health in the media. We want to expose ourselves and others to nourishing content on screen and online.

Our lifestyle

As a family we strive to make our daily life a balance between fun, treats, healthy eating and being good ushers of this planet. We enjoy living a minimal, waste-reducing, sustainable fashion lifestyle, eating mostly plant based and organic, with an occasional burger outing :P

We are dreamers, envisioning a future full of small businesses and individuals living out their dreams.