Who are the experts?

The manuscript and content has been created and verified with reading-consultants and experts from Viborg Kommune, Ordblindeforeningen, Herning, Syddjurs, Mariagerfjord og Aarhus Kommune.

What do you get?

1 unlimited license for the Film with your Logo

Up to 5 other languages of the film (both visuals and speak is translated)

5 still images for Press
15 Graphical elements
5 Characters without background for Print

1 Custom poster

Example of Graphics

Example of Still image

The film will be “yours”, with your logo and can serve as your visual presentation at an event, press release, on TV, social media campaign etc.

We encourage sharing the film as it is available free online as “Ordblindhed - Sammen kæmper vi for dine drømme”.

However, buying the license offers a wider range of distribution options. You will recieve the high quality video files and the right to upload it to the channels of your preference.

Why pay for a license, when you can watch it for free?

No! The license is a one time payment and does not expire.

Does the license expire?

What can you do with a license?

You receive unlimited distribution in your country.

As an official institution you receive the rights to distribute your package to sub institutions such as schools, that may use the film in direct relation with dyslexics and their parents. An example could be to complement a positive dyslexia-test with a screening of the film.

The rights includes distribution through all platforms connected to your organisation.

You may include the film(s) in its full length in press releases as a part of your campaign or initiative.

You may not resell the film or other materials to third-party without prior agreement. Any further distribution can be agreed upon.

What languages are available?

The languages are based on the most common languages amongst immigrants in Denmark. More languages can be requested.

Included in all packages

Available as extras

A language pack includes a translated speak (dub) and a translated manuscript. There are no subtitles on the films, but it can be requested.