Ox and Bird was founded by Sarah Joy Jungen and Karsten Peter Kjærulf-Hoop in 2015,
and is run in Viborg, Denmark.


Karsten Peter Kjærulf-Hoop

Award winning animation director

He is the talented Ox, secretly super techy and yet an artist at heart. He juggles all the softwares and sometimes gets overambitious with his skills. Karsten is a müsli addict and a contemplation enthusiast.


Sarah Joy Jungen

art director

She is the Bird, making collaborations, creating visions, and maintaining the communication. She is a fine artist, a perfectionist and always over optimistic. Also a closet ski instructor, and loves dancing to latino music.


Lakstein Fernandes

Producer in training

Coming soon.


We are always on the lookout for new partners and friends to work with.

We believe in bringing out the potential in every unique voice in the industry, and that working together will allow us the freedom to do exactly what we are each good at.